New-Generation Enterprise OKR Software

We offer the best solution for you to implement the OKR Target and Performance System in your company.
Align your employees with your company goals to turn goals into results.

You will be able to set your corporate goals, team goals, and individual goals to reach your company's strategies. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to track your goals by updating Key Results.

Our OKR management screens are user-friendly and designed to be easy to use.

Give your team the ability to provide quick feedback to other members, whether it's related to goals or unrelated to them. You can also encourage your employees to request feedback from their coworkers.

Inviting your employees to use the OKR methodology in your business is entirely up to your discretion. By using our flexible team feature, you can group and organize your employees according to your organizational chart.

Year-end evaluation covers a period in which managers and employees review progress and performance towards the company's strategies and goals, with continuous feedback and checkpoints throughout the year.

One-on-one meetings are essential and effective tools for advancing the OKR methodology in your business. In our platform, you will have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one and team meetings.

These meetings can be used to review OKR progress and share feedback between managers and team members.

Allow your team members to analyze the progress of your company and employees and export ready-to-use reports.

Devokr will enable you to report on your goals, feedback, track approval statuses, and manage year-end evaluations.

DevOkr will help you develop your company