Vessel and FleetDevice Management

Our Ship and Fleet Device/System Management Web Application is designed to help ships and fleets operating at sea optimize their management.
Thanks to its user-friendly interface, fleet owners and managers can make more informed operational decisions by accessing real-time data.

You can follow the planned maintenance and testing processes of all devices/systems of your ships and even fleets, which are no different from living organisms, live on the ship or from your office on land. In this way, you can plan and carry out the maintenance of your systems/devices wherever your ship is in the world.

We know that the personnel of ships that are active at sea 24/7 are constantly changing. Thanks to our application, you can dynamically track changing personnel and tasks and prevent personnel changes from disrupting ship activities.

You can group your fleets under different projects according to their ship types, lines or loads. Under these projects, you can follow the locations and active status of the ships collectively.

You can receive system reports on a project or ship basis, daily, weekly or in periods of your choosing.